The mission of the SRS Retiree Association is to work to advocate for the maintenance of retiree pension and medical benefits in current dollars, provide assistance and support of the greater SRS retiree population, ensure that the retiree benefits and needs are visible to the broader community, and support current and future missions of the SRS.

Why should YOU join the SRS Retiree Association?

There’s increased strength and greater shared purpose with numbers.

  • More members guarantee more support from elected and appointed officials
  • More members leverage a better response from SRS and the DOE
  • More members provide a more representative retiree viewpoint
  • More numbers increase funding for our Retiree Resource Center

Without you, our benefits and resources will die out and we’ll all suffer.  We’ve worked hard for those benefits – let’s not give them up!


Annual Rx Plan Review October 15th - December 7th
Your biggest medical savings can be from your annual review of your Medicare Rx program.  Medicare CMS, Consumer Reports, and other organizations strongly encourage these annual reviews.  You can do this (a) by yourself online with Medicare.gov (b) through calling RightOpt (c) in person by appointment or mail at the SRSRA Retiree Resource Center, or (d) through a local insurance agent.

Our Retiree Resource Center has conducted 2,453 Medicare Part D Prescription Drug reviews during the past four years and has replaced 68% of the reviewed retirees’ plans with cheaper plans for the following year. The Rx plans change their drug plan formularies, copays, deductibles, premiums and pharmacy networks annually to maximize their profitability. These annual reviews have saved our retirees $1.4 million in out-of-pocket expenses for 2016 to 2019 plans.

However you do your annual review, do it!  Don’t leave your hard-earned money on the table!