Annual Meeting: Chair, Dick Frushour
Members: Andy Cwalina, Bernice DeLoach, Jennifer Garvin, Daisy Graham, Ranny Saylor, Harold Sturm, Rhonda Whitley

Purpose: Plan and implement SRSRA annual meeting. Groom the next year’s Chair (Committee Vice-Chair) on a rolling basis.

Archives: Archivist, Deb Shedrow

Members: Deb Shedrow
The Archivist maintains lists and hard copies of SRSRA documents for record and archival purposes.

Audit: Chairman, Bob Malstrom
Members: Bob Malstrom, Daisy Graham

Purpose: Audit 2 years of Treasurer Records. Verify income and outgo.

Benefits Protection: Chair, John Veldman

Members: Sid Curry, Jim Barry, David Zigelman, and David Fauth.   
Purpose: Develop and implement strategies to protect retiree health and pension benefits.

This committee combines the functions and responsibilities of the former Benefits Protection, Pension Protection, and Pension Adjustment Committees.

Bylaws/Governance: Chair, Ded Shedrow

Members: Deb Shedrow
Purpose: Review the Bylaws of the SRS Retiree Association each year, and develop proposals, if necessary, for revisions to the Bylaws. Maintain an Operations Manual containing the Policies, Procedures, Forms deemed necessary by the Executive Committee for the effective and efficient conduct of business.

Bylaws were originally adopted at the organizational meeting on September 9, 1997. The bylaws meet both Federal Internal Revenue Service 501(c)(4) regulations for a nonprofit organization and South Carolina corporation codes.

The Operations Manual was initiated in 2014 to document certain policies of the SRSRA and to provide a consolidated location and consistent format for documenting those and any associated materials.

CNTA & CAB Liaison: Chair, Jim Tisaranni
Congressional Liaison: Chair, Joe Ortaldo

Members: Kathy Grant, Bob Malstrom, Art Osborne, Jim Tisaranni, Tom Varallo
Purpose: Develop and maintain regular communications with SC and Georgia congressional delegations.

Executive: Chair, Dave Fauth

Vice Chair: vacant
Secretary/Operations: Deb Shedrow
Treasurer: Pam Amendola

Purpose: Develop and guide the implementation of the SRSRA Strategic Plan to
assess goals and determine future directions.

Federal & Contractor Liaison: Chair, Joe Ortaldo, Art Osborne

Members: Dave Fauth, Deb Shedrow, Phil Croll, Art Osborne
Purpose: Develop and maintain regular communications with DOE-HQ, DOE-SR, SRS site contractors and retiree associations at other DOE sites.

Gas Cards: Chair, Bob Hottel

Newsletter Editor: Chair, Frank Campbell

Members: Frank Campbell
Purpose: Development and distribution of SRSRA Newsletter, “broadcast” communications to membership and “entry point” into the organization of any member communications regarding benefits, etc.

Membership: Chair, Bob Malstrom
Members: Dave Fauth, Daisy Graham, Steve Etheridge

Purpose: Maintain the membership database, process membership applications, develop and implement strategies to increase SRSRA membership and provide membership data to support SRSRA BOD initiatives.

Nomination: Chair, Candice Dermody

Members: Bernice Deloach
Purpose: Recruit new BOD members while establishing the expectations of their participation on the BOD.

Public Affairs: Chair, VACANT
Members: All BOD Members.

Purpose: Provide outreach to the local communities, the press and other stakeholders.

Resource Center: Chair, Donald Stevenson

Members:Phil Croll, Bernice Deloach, Dave Fauth,
Purpose: Develop and sustain a resource center to assist retirees in obtaining their benefits..

Website: Webmaster, Rhonda Whitley
Members: Rhonda Whitley,Deb Shedrow,
Purpose: Provide information about the association, health benefits, pensions, SRS missions, and general information of interest to SRS retirees. The site will be frequently updated.