Front Row:
Pam Amendola, Bernice Deloach, Jennifer Garvin, Deb Shedrow, Daisy Graham, Rhonda Whitley
Second Row:
Lee Fox, Kathy Grant, Harold Strum, Bob Hottel, Mike Rucker, Harvey Kinder, Jim Tisaranni
Third Row:
Dave Fauth, Art Osborne, Dick Frushour, Ranny Saylor, Don Stevenson

Not Pictured
Phil Croll
Joe Ortaldo
Ronie Spencer
Jeff Barnes
Russ Beckmeyer
Paula Brown
Frank Campbell
Ron Malanowski
Bob Malstrom
Bobbie Williams
John Velman

Board of Directors

(Note: officers are carried over until the first Board meeting after the Annual Meeting, at which time new officers are elected. The current officers (below) were elected May 3, 2016.)

Current Officers

Dave Fauth, Chairperson
OPEN  Vice-Chairperson/Chairperson-Elect
Deb Shedrow, Secretary
Phil Croll, Treasurer
Dr. John Veldman, Past-Chairperson *
David Zigelman, Past-Chairperson *
* Appointed Position

Current Directors

Jeff Barnes
Russ Beckmeyer
Paula Brown
Phil Croll
Bernice Deloach
Dave Fauth
Lee Fox
Richard Frushour
Jennifer Garvin
Kathy L. Grant
Robert Hottel
Harvey Kinder
John N. Lindsay
Ronald W. Malanowski
Dr. Robert Malstrom
Mary Mitchell
Joseph F. Ortaldo
Mike Rucker
Ranny Saylor
Deb Shedrow
Paul Silva
Don Stevenson
James Tisaranni
Dr. John P. Veldman
Rhonda Whitley
Bobbie Williams
David Zigelman